6 Lead Generation Offer Ideas for Content You Already Have

Shaun Pinney
Shaun Pinney



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As a small business owner it can be overwhelming to think of new content ideas. The good news is that compelling offers can be created from the content that you already have. In today's post we will look at six ways you can use existing content to create offers that covert visitors into leads.


1. FAQ's - Think about the questions prospects ask you about your business every day. Create a list of the top 20 most common questions and answers and let your visitors download them directly from your website. Your leads will have answers to their most common questions, which can help move them through your sales funnel faster.

2. Kits - A white paper by itself is not compelling, but a white paper, webinar and slide deck packaged together will grab your visitors'  attention. At HubSpot, we use kits often to offer multiple pieces of content on the same subject -- give it a try with your own content.

3. Content Expansion - A quick review of your current site can help to inspire new offer ideas. If your products page provides high-level information, use this data as a framework for a detailed PDF about each product or service and let users download it from the related products page. Or take one of your most popular blog posts and expand upon it to include more in-depth analysis and research and offer if as a download on your blog.

4. E-Books - E-books allow you to combine various pieces of information into a report. Additionally, they are more interactive than your average white paper and include links to related information. The perceived value of an e-book is often greater than that of a single white paper. This fact helps your users rationalize completing a form to get the information.

5. Comparisons - Create a PDF that reviews pricing in detail or a feature comparison of your product versus the competition. This is a great way to differentiate two products or services that might seem identical to a top-of-the-funnel lead. Educate your visitors and set yourself up as the thought leader in your industry. Your leads will return to you when they are ready to make a buying decision.

6. Off-Line Content - Do you have content that has been used for various off-line events and marketing in the past? Dust that content off and re-use it online. Print ads, trade show collateral and print articles are some examples of off line content that can be re-purposed for on line use.

What types of existing content have you found to be useful when creating new offers for your business?

This article was written by Shaun Pinney, a member of our consultant team at HubSpot. Check out Shaun's Bio .

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