Yelp Announces New Mobile Activity Tracking for Small Businesses

Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



This week, Yelp announced the inclusion of mobile activity tracking to its weekly summary for small businesses that use Yelp's free business tools .

The new addition came after Yelp disclosed some interesting statistics a few weeks ago about Yelp use, which revealed that over 1 in 4 searches on Yelp are performed from Yelp's iPhone application, and every five seconds, someone uses the Yelp app to call a local business.  Pretty interesting, considering these stats were generated just from Yelp's iPhone app, and Yelp also has applications for 4 other smart phones.

Yelp  Mobile Activity Summary

Now, weekly summary emails that are already sent to small businesses that use Yelp's business tools (like the one pictured above) also include the following mobile activity information :

  • How many people looked at the business' page from their Yelp app
  • How many people called the business from their Yelp app
  • How many people generated directions to the business from their Yelp app
  • How many people "checked in" to the business via the Yelp app

Why This Matters for Marketers and Small Business Owners

The availability of these mobile stats means marketers and small business owners now have access to more in-depth data regarding the impact of their Yelp presence .  As local search and mobile applications increases in popularity and usage, the ability to gain insight into how people are searching for local businesses using these types of search tools is becoming more and more valuable. Knowing this data can help small businesses make decisions on how best to take advantage of their local search presence. 

This should also serve as a wakeup call for small businesses who aren't already taking advantage of local business directories, review sites and mobile applications such as Yelp and Google Places ( formerly called Google Local ).  People are increasingly using these tools to find and evaluate businesses like yours all the time.  If you haven't claimed your presence on these sites, you're missing a huge opportunity to get found online by local searchers .  You can easily unlock your free business tools on Yelp here and claim your Google Place here

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