5 Lead Generation Tools: Just in Time for 2011 Planning

Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Shah



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Tracking, measuring, analyzing, and creating process diagrams – all really important things to do, but SO time consuming. Plus, the reports always seem to be due right when a marketing campaign is being launched - one that’s sure to bring you more valuable leads.

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You can avoid them only so long – until planning season. Then you really need to track and analyze so you know what’s working, where you can improve, and how you should allocate next year’s budget. Furthermore, those reports are going to help justify your decisions when you present your 2011 marketing plan to management.

We know how valuable lead generation management is to so many in the HubSpot community. That’s why we’ve taken 5 of Demand Metric’s lead generation tools and added a how-to guide so we can offer to HubSpot users, for free, the Lead Generation 5-Pack .

The Five Pack includes:

1. Lead Generation & Marketing Automation How-to Guide  – You can find out world-class companies are developing lead generation infrastructures and apply it to your business

2. Lead Acquisition Model  – This helps create a process diagram. Great for those who need to communicate visually.

3. Lead Generation Maturity Assessment  - Measure your organization’s Lead Generation Maturity, and determine areas for improvement.

4. Lead Generation Metrics Dashboard  – This will help you define, track, and report on your key lead generation metrics and key performance indicators.

5. Lead Scoring Index Tool  – Score your leads. Analyze them and then pick the strongest prospects.

Best of all – these tools are easy to use!

Guess you could take another few days of vacation with these in your back pocket.  

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