Last week Gap used Facebook to announce their plans for a social media feedback resource new logo and was hit with mass amounts of negative feedback. Despite mainly getting discouraging comments and even a few websites designed to specifically make fun of the new logo , Gap may have actually made out in their decision to inform their social network first.

Here’s 4 reasons social media and their logo blunder may have helped Gap.

1. Trust Within Their Network

Not only did Gap listen to the negative comments surrounding their new logo - they did something about it. While at first they tried to alleviate the situation by giving fans the opportunity to submit ideas for a better logo , Gap has decided to revert back to the logo they’ve had for more than 40 years .

By taking actions based on their fans suggestions, Gap has established a new sense of trust with their community who feel as though they are now a part of the logo and brand. Now their brand may be seen as one who truly cares about their customer’s opinion.

2. Saving Money on Rebranding Deployment

By introducing the new logo online before it went out to the masses, Gap saved countless dollars in rebranding their stores and advertising efforts. Instead of wasting money on something that would have been badly recepted, Gap can now focus their marketing dollars on proven efforts or other experiments.  

3. Generated Buzz

Although I don’t generally agree with the saying “all publicity is good publicity”, Gap is certainly being talked about at an opportune time. With Christmas just around the corner, the buzz generated over their new logo could boost their holiday sales. Furthermore, the logo they have decided to revert back to is most associated with their most popular item around Christmas time, the Gap hooded sweatshirt.

4. Understanding Where to Get Future Feedback

With the large amount on instantaneous feedback, Gap knows it can trust the community it’s built to provide honest feedback on things related to the clothing retailer, even beyond the brand. This sort of feedback can be invaluable in preempting detrimental business decisions. Your social network can provide a snapshot of what you’re entire target market may think.  Gap can now use Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere as a mini testing ground for future decisions.

These 4 reasons for turning to social media as a resource for feedback would not just apply to Gap in the situation, but many other businesses. Social media is an effective way for companies to understand how their customers may react to major changes to their brand.

What other ways do you see that Gap may have benefitted from their decisions to introduce their new logo through social media? Do you agree with these 4 reasons above?

Photo credit: Mashable

Originally published Oct 13, 2010 7:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017