3 Ways eCommerce Can Leverage Social Media Monitoring

Billy MacDonald
Billy MacDonald



Wouldn’t you love more up to date and continuous insight as to what makes people buy your products? How can you make your product much more appealing and make them proceed through checkout from your product page? Fortunately for you, this insight from consumers is available all over the place your selling your products – the web.

So, how can eCommerce business discover how to do better marketing and positioning of their products? One way is by closely monitoring the conversations happening in social media. With millions of people tweeting, posting, and updating their thoughts or actions a lot can be discovered just by listening. Considering the number of conversations and free access to this information, it would be irresponsible not to monitor conversations in the socialmediasphere.

Here are 3 ways eCommerce businesses can listen through social media to better position and market their products.  

1. Twitter Advanced Search

Within Twitter’s advanced search you can sift through conversations based on keywords. By creatively coming up with different keyword combinations you can narrow your search to conversations related to shopping online and your target market or product. For example if your eCommerce website sells cameras you might try “online shopping camera”.

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In this instance you may see that positioning some of your cameras based on durability will appeal to parents who want something long lasting for their kids.

You may even consider adding negative keywords to the "None of these words" columns to reduce the noise in your search.

2. Google Alerts

Using Google Alerts , you can similarly monitor conversations in the blogosphere around your product types or target market. Try multiple variations at first and then refine your alerts once you start seeing and can analyze the results. Most importantly, view the comments under each blog article to see what multiple people are saying for even more insight.

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Make sure to select blogs under the Type to get on blog article results.

3. YouTube Reviews

No, there isn’t a specific section on YouTube for reviews, but people sure love filming themselves while critiquing the products they’ve bought. Even if there aren’t reviews for the specific product you offer you can still gather information on product categories and the features or use they like and dislike. Find out what is it about certain products they love and hate and what they would buy for. You might even find reviews for your products, that you could embed on your product pages.

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These are just 3 ways you can use social media to help position your eCommerce products, do you have any more to add? Have you tried any of these three methods and what success have you had in any changes you've made to your product positioning strategy.

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