As vocational education choices increase, smart marketers are leveraging inbound marketing to reach a wider demographic of potential students.  Inbound marketing allows your best prospects to find you as they search for education alternatives.

More and more colleges, universities and vocational schools are turning to online visibility to meet student enrollment goals. Different schools are at different stages of the process. If you are limited in bandwidth but still need to get results, here are four easy tips to get found more often by potential students.            

1. Blog about your market niche, solicit guest bloggers from graduates, staff and administrators, and use your best  keywords in the blog posts to generate qualified traffic.    

Blogging can be easy. Spend 30 minutes a week, post a picture, and post a few tips (as done in this post). Check out 8 Ways to Write Quick Articles for Your Business Blog .  Each blog article should drive 100 unique visitors and 3 leads.

2. Ask you students, alumni and staff to link to your website, coordinate a link building campaign, this can be as easy as sending out an email

Your school could create some badges that allow students, alumni and staff to demonstrate their connection to your institution online. They could then put these badges on their personal or business websites which can send new visitors and search engine authority to your website.

3. Ensure there are two distinct types of calls-to-action and forms on your website:

  •  An introductory call-to-action that captures information for people who are in the investigative stage.
  •  A late stage call-to-action to elicit a response for people who need information now.
calls to action for schools


4. Identify where your best traffic is coming from with closed loop marketing.

Closed loop marketing helps you identify which online marketing sources are driving traffic, leads and applicants (or students). 

Fresno Pacific University in Fresno California was faced with this very challenge.  “We didn’t really know how to find or track our leads,” says Lisa Alvey, Social Media Manager at Fresno Pacific. Though Fresno invested in radio, print and online ads, the university couldn’t get a grasp of the specific results of its marketing initiatives. The school was looking for a way to follow a lead from its site visit to its actual conversion. By implementing HubSpot’s  closed loop marketing system , Fresno tracks which of its marketing channels are most efficient. Thanks to this data, the university can make informed decisions about allocation of resources between channels.  For more about how Fresno Pacific closed the loop, visit University Doubles Organic Traffic and Grows Lead Conversions with HubSpot .

Implementing these simple tips can help you fill your enrollment for the coming year.

Originally published Dec 9, 2010 6:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016


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