6 Key Pieces of Lead Intelligence

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Ellie Mirman
Ellie Mirman



At HubSpot, we're lucky that the marketing team has a great relationship with the sales team. Part of the reason for that is that we give them leads with all sorts of lead intelligence to help them connect with and close more deals.

6 Key Pieces of Lead Intelligence to Make Your Sales Team Jump for Joy

Lead Intelligence 1. Pages Viewed

What warms up that phone call more than knowing what your lead browsed on your site. Maybe they were investigating a particular product line or read a blog post addressing a particular challenge. Letting your sales team review these details helps them make a much more targeted and educated phone call. Also knowing how many pages that lead viewed in total signals to the sales rep how hot this lead is.

2. All Conversion Forms Completed

Deduping your lead submissions such that your sales team is not bombarded with duplicate leads AND each lead contains all conversion activity is a huge win. This way the sales rep can see what the lead was most interested in and of course the contact information for following up with that lead.

3. Social Media Details

Email and phone are effective means for following up with leads, but in today's multi-communication-channel world, enable your team to connect with their leads in more informal and personal ways such as social media. Finding a lead's Twitter information can help your rep answer their questions through that channel. Finding a lead's LinkedIn profile can help your rep see common connections to perhaps get a personal introduction.

4. Campaign Details

It's not often that your sales team will know (or remember) all the details of the marketing team's active campaigns. At HubSpot, we tie our conversion forms to Salesforce campaigns with details on the campaign and tips to follow up.

HubSpot Salesforce Campaign

5. Email Marketing Communications

Marketing's job is not just to deliver leads but to help warm up those leads by educating and providing qualifying calls to action to them over time. These communications may overlap with a sales rep's follow up, so our sales reps want to know all the emails going to their leads, including automated lead nurturing emails and email newsletter promotions, and if those leads respond to (click through on) any of those emails.

Email Communications Lead Intelligence

6. Notification When Leads Revisit Your Site

It can be hard to get in touch with someone, even when they have opted in to request more information from you company. Knowing when you are at the top of their mind - say, when they're visiting your site again and checking out more information - is critical for reaching those leads. At HubSpot, we notify our reps when their leads are back on the website.

Lead Revisit Notification Inbox HubSpot Hugs!

Maybe when it's all said and done, your sales team will be so happy they'll be running around giving hugs to the marketing team!

What are you doing to delight your sales team?

Hug actually shown: Jonah, VP Customers, hugging a customer at HUG 2010 .

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