10 Business Holiday Card Messages to Inspire You

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The plate of cookies your neighbor brought over. The gingerbread star your little one made in class. It’s the little things that make the holidays special.

business holiday card message received by customer

As a marketer, you’re no doubt overloaded during the holiday season. From finishing annual goals to cranking out that holiday campaign, it’s hard to make time for grand gestures.

Download Now: 15 Free Holiday Email Templates

But a personal holiday card from your company can go a long way in making an impact — just like that unexpected cookie delivery did!

Taking the time to send a personal and powerful holiday card can have a big impact on your brand. We will look at some of the best business holiday card messages to give you a dose of inspiration before you head into holiday madness.

Best Business Holiday Card Message Examples

“A holiday card can be a ‘check-box’ item during the holiday season, or it could be a huge branding and marketing play.”

That’s what Francesca Furchtgott, brand and content marketing expert, had to say about the power of holiday cards.

Intentional holiday cards have the potential to make a big impact. Let’s look at some examples of holiday cards that rise to the challenge.

Holiday Card Messages for Clients & Customers

Holiday cards directed toward clients and customers have, arguably, the most power. Depending on your customer size, handwritten cards can leave a big impression. However, there are lots of other ways to craft great holiday cards. Let’s take a look.

1. Capzone

holiday card messages for customers and clients, example from Capzone that reads, “Happy holidays from Rozie the Riveter. We look forward to working with you to invest in and build great things for our communities and country in 2024!”capzone business holiday card example

Image Source

Why We Like It

Francesca Furchtgott shared a memorable card she received from Capzone. Capzone is an Opportunity Zone (OZ) compliance software. As you can see, there’s a playful wink at their “OZ” product in the spelling of “Rozie” on the front of the card. This nod is clever and fun, and makes the card memorable.

It’s easy to think that sentimentality is the only way to have a powerful card, but levity goes a long way, too. However, Capzone combined both. In their actual cards to clients, team members wrote personal notes within the card.

2. ConiferCo

holiday card messages for customers and clients, example card from ConiferCo

Image Source

Why We Like It

Furchgott’s own company nailed their holiday card, too. While this card appears plain at first glance, its simplicity is its power: that’s a conifer on the front. A conifer on a card from ConiferCo is a thoughtful detail that helps amplify the impact of the message.

Inside each card, Furchgott wrote personal messages to clients and “firm friends.”

“We received so many compliments on these cards,” she said.

This card proves you don’t need to bring in a graphic designer or calligraphy artist to make an impact. Thoughtful messaging inside an intentionally selected card is enough to produce a memorable holiday experience.

3. Able

holiday card messages for customers and clients, example from Ablebusiness holiday message example: Able

Image Source

Why We Like It

Great holiday cards don’t have to be snail mail. Emails can have an impact too, if done right. This email from Able is a perfect example of a memorable holiday email. First, the email features a powerful design with large text that reinforces a company value: togetherness.

The text of the email is written with extreme sincerity. Regardless of how many customers received this message, it feels personal in its copy. Additionally, the text again reinforces the values of the company.

Value-related holiday cards make clients and customers feel good about their purchases and relationships with your company.

Holiday Card Messages for Employees

Clients and customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from a holiday card. Employees and contractors love them, too! We’re going to take a look at a great holiday card for employees, as well as a few templates for messages to put inside the card created by Michael Eisikowitz, conversion copywriting expert.

4. You Make Work Merry!

holiday card message for employees, front of a card that reads, “You make work merry!”

Image Source

Why We Like It

It’s easy to rattle off a Slack message to your favorite coworker, praising their accomplishments. But a bit of snail mail goes a long way. This example does a great job of providing context and a quick little holiday levity.

In notes like these, it’s best for employers or team members to write thoughtful and personalized messages inside. Copy-and-pasted employee messages can leave a sour taste in the recipient’s mouth. But if done thoughtfully, employees will hold on to these sweet little cards for years.

We suggest incorporating some tips from the next templates into your handwritten message in a card like this!

5. Playful Appreciation Template

Dear {first name},

Your hard work these past few months hasn’t gone unnoticed.

We see every minute you spend checking emails, answering calls, and supporting your team — and we appreciate you so much!

Now that winter’s here, we hope you’re able to take some time to get cozy.

Enjoy this gift from us with the important items you’ll need to be ready for a weekend on the mountain!

Wishing you a holiday season as amazing as you are.

Joe, Margaret, and the whole crew

Why We Like It

This first template does a great job of mixing sincerity and playfulness. The first few lines exude gratitude and specifically call out things that this team appreciates. Messages like this make employees feel seen, and we know that support and visibility improve retention and employee satisfaction.

Additionally, this card is signed informally with nicknames and casual language. Overly formal employee cards can feel stale and off-putting.

6. Thoughtful Gratitude Template

Dear {name},

You give so much of yourself, doing your job with integrity and care. And you let us partner with you in this important work. So we wanted to say thank you!

Here’s a small gift to show our gratitude. We hope this water bottle helps you stay healthy and hydrated. We appreciate you!

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

{name and title}

Why We Like It

While the first template nails playfulness, this second template is much more sentimental. The first two lines feel genuine and powerful, and can really make an employee feel valued.

This template also suggests signing with a name and title, which is more formal. However, if the messaging reads as personal (as is the case with this template), a formal sign-off is a non-issue and can, instead, positively signal authority.

Professional Seasons Greetings Messages

Finally, we’ll take a look at some other season’s greetings messages sent from professionals. These emails were all likely sent to significant numbers of recipients, but each has a flair that makes them memorable.

7. Extreme Reach

Professional holiday card email example that reads, “We wish you and your families happy holidays and a bright, shiny new year! We appreciate your partnership. Your success continues to be our North Star, inspiring our innovation, collaboration and commitment to outstanding client service. In your honor, we’ve made a donation to World Resources Institute, an organization that work across a global network to develop practical solutions that improve people’s lives and protect nature.”

Image Source

Why We Like It

This holiday card from Extreme Reach does more than wish happy holidays. In fact, this card delivers a gift: a donation to the World Resources Institute. Value-based messaging is powerful, but value-based action is even more impactful.

Readers love feeling good about what organizations have received their money, and Extreme Reach is doing a great job of fostering that feeling within their season’s greeting message.

8. Coterie

Professional holiday card email example that reads, “Happy holidays from our home to yours. Christmas is (almost) here, and we wanted to wish our wonderful Coterie community a very happy holidays and best wishes for the season. We are incredibly grateful for your support and we are proud to be able to offer you elegant sophisticated design from around the world to help make your house a home.”

Image Source

Why We Like It

Coterie’s season’s greeting message does something that no other card on the list does: sells. However, the brand does it in a subtle way, mixed in throughout gentle and calming holiday language.

This company does a great job of blending their brand voice with the season, as well. Jarring holiday messaging can feel inauthentic; Coterie maintained their style, but added a holiday twist, making this card more unique.

9. MOO

Professional holiday card email example, that reads “A really, really big thank you. We wouldn’t be MOO without you. So thanks for sharing, liking, buying, or just opening the occasional MOO email.”

Image Source

Why We Like It

This message is super simple, but still impactful. How? The language feels endearing. Breaking down gratitude into specifics, as we saw earlier, is an easy way to amplify the sense of appreciation offered in a card.

Additionally, the graphics of the MOO card are interesting and non-generic. This makes the card feel like it was sent intentionally — even though it likely landed in hundreds of inboxes.

10. Manoverboard

Professional holiday card email, reads “Happy. From all of us at Manoverboard, wishing you and your family much happiness, good health, and a peaceful and joyful 2019! – Andrew, Dan, Jory and Nikki”

Image Source

Why We Like It

While many of the cards on this list engage sentimentality and depth, this card from Manoverboard leans into simplicity. The graphic is bold and the message is clear: the company is wishing you a happy holiday season.

But what’s really great about this card is the signature. Signing the card from first names makes the message feel more genuine and personal. A small tweak like this can change the impact of a card significantly.

If you’re still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the holiday card task, take a look at these templates that are perfect for all celebrations.

“Wrapping” it up…

See what we did there?

These cards nailed impact when it comes to holiday gratitude. While some were sentimental and others were playful, they all felt intentional and genuine. Embodying those characteristics in your holiday cards can lead to some majorly positive outcomes.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in December 2010 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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