How to Create a Great Ho-Ho-Holiday eCard

Eric Vreeland
Eric Vreeland



happy holidays

Make it Yourself – Nothing says Bah Humbug! like paying someone else to come up with a holiday card for you. Don’t feel like you need to achieve perfection, as you’ve probably heard before, it’s the thought that counts and that is definitely the case as far as the holiday card is concerned. As long as your message is sincere and original your recipients will be appreciative.

Get Everyone Involved – The holidays are a time for everyone to come together and celebrate together. Not only is the holiday card a great time to connect with customers, but it’s a great opportunity for different departments within a company to have some fun spreading holiday cheer. Like we did with our card , getting everyone involved, is not only fun, but it also shows a personal insight into your company that your customers are sure to enjoy.

Get Personal – One of my favorite eCards I saw this year was First Round Capital’s “Is Your Term Sheet a First Round Capital Term Sheet.” The guys at First Round Capital (FRC) did an excellent job with their Old Spice style video, and after it was released they even followed up with personalized responses to the tweets their eCard received. This wasn’t the first time that FRC has included their portfolio companies in their eCard and I’m sure a lot of startups seeking investment would love to have received this sort of holiday warmth from their VC.

Send Them Early or Late – Mark Suster wrote a great post on the holiday eCard here and this is one of the tips that I really hadn’t thought of until I read it and then experienced the inbox overload this year. If you’re like most people you’re probably taking a little time off during the holidays and there are going to be emails that are going to be quickly discarded as marked as unimportant. If you send your holiday card during the peak holiday time (during the week of Christmas) you'er increasing the odds of this happening exponentially, so either send your eCard at least a week before Christmas or after the holiday rush has passed.

Here are a couple other examples of great eCards that I’ve seen:

Happy Holidays from Cornell

30 Years of Happy Holidays from LucasFilm

Hope these tips help you make a great holiday eCard next year and I hope you don't forget to send me a copy!

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