How to Host Your First Webinar

Ellie Mirman
Ellie Mirman



In my last post, I reviewed how to setup and promote your webinar . Now the time has finally come - it's the day of your scheduled webinar and you're ready to get things rolling!

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How to Host Your First Webinar - Part 2: Day of the Webinar

Stage 3: Execute

1 hour before the webinar

  • Remind Your Registrants - It's that time again, time to remind your registrants that it's almost time for your wonderful webinar! Again, this email can be scheduled ahead of time using a system like GotoWebinar.
  • Setup Your Webinar Room - Use the Webinar Room Requirements List below to get everything - and everyone - in your reserved room.
  • Log into the Webinar - Your presenter should be logged in and sharing his/her screen. Make sure your presenter closes any unnecessary and distracting applications like email and instant messenger. You also should turn off or remove any cell phones as they can cause interference. The moderator should be logged in and able to moderate the Q&A. And, finally, use your mock attendee computer to log in as a normal attendee would and use the headphones to hear the audio from the event. The mock attendee computer will help you catch any issues as soon as they happen.

Webinar Room Requirements List

  1. Presenter's computer plugged into a/c power and Internet (wired is better than wireless).
  2. Moderator's computer plugged into a/c power and Internet (wired is better than wireless).
  3. Mock attendee's computer plugged into a/c power and Internet, with headphones.
  4. Phone (not a cell phone) to deliver speaker audio.
  5. Water or other drinks for speakers - you'll get thirsty!
  6. "Webinar in Progress" sign for the door - not only will you feel official, but people will be less likely to interrupt your live event.

2 minutes after webinar start time

  • Start the Webinar - You typically don't want to start right on the dot of your start time. That's because many people will try to arrive right at that time and you don't want a majority of your audience to come in mid-introductions.
  • Review Housekeeping Items - No, I don't mean how to fold the corners of your bed sheets. Housekeeping items for a webinar include how the audience can interact with you (Are you doing Q&A? Will you answer questions live or via chat?) and if attendees will get the slides and/or video recording after the event is over.
  • Record - If you're planning on recording your presentation (most webinar systems let you do this), remember to hit that record button!
  • Present - Present your wonderful content and cap off the presentation with some live Q&A and thanks to the audience.

1 minute after the webinar

  • End the Webinar - Log out of the webinar and end the event for the attendees. Make sure you've hung up the phone before you start talking about how the presentation went!
  • Pat Yourself on the Back - You just completed your first webinar! Congratulations!

Up Next: What Now? Your Post-Webinar To-Do List

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