Is Your Business Prepared for the Mobile Browsing Takeover?

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Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



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As if the shift toward inbound marketing and away from traditional, outbound marketing wasn't enough of a change for us marketers to adapt to! Now, we need to be concerned with consumers' increasing use of the web on their mobile devices. This all begs the question ...

"Is your business prepared?"

Thinking this mobile marketing stuff is just another marketing trend that won't catch on or affect your business? Consider the following predictions from Morgan Stanley internet analyst, Mary Meeker , who regularly releases a 'State of the Internet' report and has been dubbed the 'Queen of the Net.'  

1. Within the next five years, “more users will connect to the internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs.” Meeker's point is that mobile internet usage will only increase with time. Companies who take advantage of it will win, and those that ignore it will lose.

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2. Mobile internet usage is ramping up substantially faster than desktop internet usage did . Meeker compared iPhone/iPod Touch adoption rates to those of AOL and Netscape in the early 90s, and she determined that adoption of Apple devices is taking place 11 times faster than adoption of AOL took place and several times faster than adoption of Netscape.

3. Increased mobile usage will result in growth in ecommerce. According to Meeker, users are more willing to pay for content on mobile devices than desktops for a variety of reasons, including personalization, small price tags, and easy-to-use/secure payment systems.

Mobile Browsing Implications for Marketers

As consumers increasingly turn to their mobile devices to browse the web and seek information about products and services, it's extremely important that businesses make sure their websites are mobile-friendly and compatible. Ensuring that mobile site visitors have a positive user experience is the first step in taking advantage of this powerful shift toward mobile browsing.

Go ahead: Pick up a smart phone and access your company's website with the browser on your mobile device. Chances are, you probably have some work to do. Is your CMS able to support efforts to make your website mobile-friendly ? Are you a business that can potentially leverage the consumer trend of mobile purchasing by using location-based services or mobile coupons?

How is your business preparing for this important shift toward mobile browsing?

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