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Summer is just around the corner, and with vacation(s) on the horizon for you and your team, you know that you’ll need to work smarter to achieve more with less time at the office.

Last year, we designed and introduced a full suite of Premier Services packages to help you do just that, by connecting you with pros who know the software and the inbound philosophy inside and out. Our entire Premier Services team--Inbound Consultants, Designated Support Engineers, and Technical Consultants--are HubSpotters who use their experience to provide white-glove service to you and your team.

Sound like something you could use this summer? This post will walk through the Premier Services packages and which kinds of teams are best suited to each one.

Priority Access

About Priorty Access: So you’re looking for marketing strategy guidance from an inbound expert, and you know that you’ll want help identifying opportunities to take better advantage of HubSpot in pursuit of your goals. But you also anticipate that you’ll only need a monthly check-in with your consultant to confirm that you’re on track to meet or exceed your goals for the quarter. You may be a good fit for Priority Access.

More details: Priority Access is the basic Premier Services package, designed to provide structured marketing guidance on a monthly basis. You’ll meet with a HubSpot Inbound Consultant for an hour-long session once per month to discuss your inbound strategy and how to get better results using HubSpot tools. Your Consultant gets to know you, your team, and your business, and uses that context to develop customized Quarterly Strategy Reports (QSRs). Every QSR includes an executive summary, a recap of what you’ve discussed in your last three months of consulting sessions, and an outline of priorities for the next quarter, including context, examples, and next steps to take in the software. Check out this example report to get a feel for how the QSR can guide your strategy.

”Our Inbound Consultant works with our team on SEO. He has set up a detailed plan and works with us every step of the way. His knowledge and patience with our team has been invaluable. He keeps us current with the best content suggestions to help us succeed. We would be lost without him." - Deb Colson, Rhythm Systems

Designated Support

About Designated Support: When it comes to technical support, you usually have one-off troubleshooting questions, but you also anticipate needing help with ongoing issues that are specific to your organization and can’t be resolved in a single call. If that sounds like you, you’re probably a good fit for Designated Support.

More details: HubSpot customers have great experiences with our Support team, but we’ve heard that speaking to a different person each time requires you to give the same background information more than once if you have ongoing technical issues. The Designated Support package is our solution. You gain ongoing access to a Designated Support Engineer (DSE) who gets to know you and your business, and uses that context to thoroughly resolve and even anticipate your technical challenges. Your DSE is your personalized, “as-needed” resource for the same types of questions* our traditional Support line answers, working on issues and questions with you as they arise.

*For needs that fall outside the typical scope of Support, such as APIs, integrations, or custom code, please contact us to learn more about our Technical Consulting services.

"Since working with our Designated Support Engineer our Marketing Operations efforts have taken off. We're faster, more efficient and smarter about the way we build our lead gen infrastructure. Working with our Designated Support Engineer has taught me a lot about the nuances of HubSpot, as well as several "hacks" that I'll definitely be taking with me wherever I go. Our HubSpot Designated Support Engineer has been a lifesaver. She's detailed, organized, efficient, and is always willing to help." - Alex Biale, Sovrn

Premium Access

About Premium Acces: You like the idea of having ongoing access to a Designated Support Engineer, but you’re also looking for more hands-on support with your marketing strategy. Maybe you’d like help with project planning, or a second set of eyes for checking best practices, or an expert analysis of which parts of your marketing efforts are working and which are not. Sound like you? If so, Premium Access may be right for you.

More details: As our mid-level package, Premium Access is best suited to teams looking for strategic and technical help on an ongoing basis. This package features ongoing access to an Inbound Consultant and a Designated Support Engineer, as well as a Quarterly Strategy Report (QSR).  Your consultant is available when you need them--to help you overcome any unexpected roadblocks and keep you on track as you use HubSpot tools to execute your strategy. Your Designated Support Engineer is also available to resolve technical questions whenever they come up.

“HubSpot’s regular customer support is legendary, but you always get a different person. Having a dedicated Inbound Consultant and Designated Support  Engineer who understands our organization and its goals means we pay less for IT vendors, marketing consultants and even designers (our Designated Support Engineer helps us do more things on our own!). Choosing Premier Services is almost like adding two experienced people to your staff at a tiny fraction of the cost.” - Mark O'Keefe, US Dairy Export Council

Platinum Access

About Platnium Access: If you’re looking for hands-on, as-needed support with your marketing strategy, but also expect to take on complex technical projects like switching marketing platforms, creating custom templates, or integrating or syncing data from an external system into HubSpot, Platinum Access may be a good fit for your team.

More details: Platinum Access is our top-level Premier Services package, best suited to teams looking for ongoing strategic guidance and help with complex technical questions whose answers may fall outside the scope of traditional Support. In addition to the Quarterly Strategy Report and ongoing access to an Inbound Consultant, you’ll also have ongoing access to a Technical Consultant. Your Technical Consultant will handle all of the same questions that you would ask of traditional Support, but is also equipped to cover more advanced topics involving migrations, integrations with external systems, and templates. Similarly to an Inbound Consultant, a Technical Consultant can also function as a project manager.

“Our HubSpot Premier Services team has truly felt like an extension of our digital marketing team. No matter how small or large the request has been, they have been patient and way more helpful than we ever could have imagined. They have learned what our company’s goals are and have helped us accomplish them with the inbound mindset.” - Jake Diserio, etouches

Interested? Explore our Premier Services homepage to learn more and compare the four packages. Not sure which package is right for you? Fill out the form here to be contacted by a team member who can advise you.

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