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email report downloadEvery month, thousands of HubSpot users are asked to report out on their inbound marketing results. Which is all well and good, since HubSpot has a whole suite of robust analytics and reporting tools to help you do this -- but it does take time to get those monthly reports right.

Now, thanks to a new monthly email from your pals at HubSpot, this will take less time, and be much easier.

Cue the confetti.

Now HubSpot Makes Monthly Reporting Easy 

Watch your email this week for your first personalized monthly marketing report from HubSpot. Want a quick, handy, and beautifully formatted overview of how you did this month in terms of website traffic, lead generation, and customer acquisition?


Want to have this report in an easily downloadable presentation deck, so that you don't even have to fuss with importing a bunch of charts and graphs into your slides?

Done and done.

Your monthly report email will give you that quick overview, and will come with an attachment of personalized slides that you can easily include in your monthly deck -- or use as a basis for building a new set of monthly reports.

Each month, your personalized monthly marketing report will analyze your:

  • Website traffic
  • Leads generation
  • Blog post creation
  • Blog post performance
  • Landing page creation
  • Landing page performance
  • Keyword ranking
Eventually, we'll be adding customized advice to your monthly marketing report, too. So then you'll not only know what's working and how well it's working, but you'll have a nice dollop of expert advice about what to do next, and how to keep improving over time.
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Note that your monthly marketing report will include information about your landing pages and blog posts only if you're using the HubSpot Landing Page and Blog tools. Some Enterprise customers may not receive this report until we release an updated version a few months from now.

And keep in mind that this is just the first go-round of this useful new service from HubSpot -- we'll be gathering your feedback and making improvements each month.

So tell us what you think of your new monthly marketing report, either here or in the customer forums. We'd love to hear from you!

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