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Wish you could go to just one place to get marketing webinars, browse customer examples, and download marketing offer templates? This holiday season, we're going to make your wish come true!

The HubSpot Training Center is a new resource that will make it easier for you to learn how to set up your inbound marketing campaigns using HubSpot.

We're planning for a mid-December launch, but we wanted to share our plans with you now!

hubspot training center

As you already know, HubSpot has lots of great training material. It's just that it can be difficult to find what you're looking for sometimes -- or even to know where to begin.

The new HubSpot Training Center will solve these problems by combining all of these great training resources for HubSpot customers into one central location:

Content Camp - The hugely popular series of marketing webinars led by HubSpotter Mark Kilens and other HubSpot Inbound Marketing Consultants will now be known simply as HubSpot's "Training Webinars," but they'll still be presented by the same great team you've come to know and love -- and will feature even more fabulous educational content about how to get the most out of your HubSpot.

HubSpot Examples - Archived and catalogued examples of all the genius work HubSpot customers just like you have done with their various inbound marketing campaigns. Real-life examples of best-practice blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, and lots more.

The Customer Blog - That's this blog! We'll be merging this blog with the Content Camp blog to deliver you one world-class HubSpot Training Blog. Now you'll only need to subscribe to just one place to get the latest HubSpot tips, tricks, and all the latest news about your HubSpot software. And if all you want to do is subscribe to just one kind of topic, like new feature releases, you can do that, too.

Marketing Offer Templates - These great resources are kind of hard to find right now. Once they're imported into your new HubSpot Training Center, they'll be much easier to find and get the most out of.

Inbound Marketing 101 - Learn the basics of Inbound Marketing and how it's done in practice with your HubSpot software.

And there's going to be still more to come!

Right on the homepage of the new Training Center, you'll be able to dive into any inbound marketing subject you want extra help with. So for example, if you're looking for more help with your blogging strategy, you'll be able to find tutorials, webinars, examples, and educational resources on blogging all in one place, so you won't have to dig around for the info you need! 

training center blogging preview

Update 12/8/11:

We are going to push back the launch of Training Center a couple weeks (so sometime early January). We did user testing on the product yesterday and got some great feedback from our customers, so we want to make sure the user experience is as excellent as possible before it's official release.
If you have any questions, or would like to participate in the next round of user testing, please reach out to me directly:


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