The HubSpot Marketplace Gets a Facelift

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If you haven't logged in to the HubSpot App Marketplace lately, now might be a really good time to do so. Not only are there tons of useful apps that can make your inbound marketing easier than ever, we've just unrolled a brand new interface that makes it easy to navigate, rate, manage, and find the apps you love.

HubSpot   Marketplace


New homepage

The new App Marketplace homepage lets you browse through apps by tag or topic, by which apps have the highest ratings by users, and by which apps have been added to the Marketplace most recently. You can now see at a glance what the user rating is for an app before you click through to learm more about its features, and can see more new and featured apps as soon as you log in.

Manage installed apps

You can now manage all your installed apps directly from your App Marketplace, too. Just click on Manage installed apps in the menu to the left to get a quick look at which apps you've installed, check out their latest ratings, and see what's new.

Manage apps


App home pages

Now every app in the HubSpot App Marketplace has its very own home page. Click through to any app's homepage to read reviews, write your own review, launch, install, or uninstall an app.

App home page


Check out the newly redesigned HubSpot App Marketplace and tell us what you think!


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