In this week's episode Support reps Garrett Guillotte and Joss Poulton bring you the latest and greatest product announcements, tips, and tricks.


Product Announcements & Upcoming Features

  • The beta version of the new Prospects tool is now live!  Go to Convert > Prospects and look for the link in the green box at the top to try it out. You can now hide Prospects that aren't relevant, see referrers and leads right on the report, filter by company, get a daily email report, and submit feedback right in the App.
  • Two new Apps in the Marketplace

Help Article of the Week

From the Forums

Did You Know?

  • Competitors updates every 3 days for your site, 7 days for your competitors, and on demand by clicking "refresh" on a particular row.
  • Keyword Grader updates every 30 days except for favorites, which update every 3 days
  • Blog Analytics updates its data overnight
  • Page Grader recrawls your site weekly; contact Support if you're re-designing your site and would like to request a re-crawl
  • Link Grader picks up new links from the HubSpot tracking code every week; data about known links updates monthly
  • Email Manager statistics update overnight; emails start sending immediately

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Originally published Nov 8, 2011 3:48:00 PM, updated January 17 2014