HubSpot Customer Podcast: Episode Two

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In this week's episode Support reps Garrett Guillotte and Joss Poulton bring you the latest and greatest product announcements, tips, and tricks.


Product Announcements & Upcoming Features

  • Everybody gets the new and improved HubSpot Dashboard!
  • To-do list and blog statistics are now on the new dashboard. You can now check out your five most recent blog posts at a glance and see views, comments, links, and can follow a quick link into the editor. 
  • Two stellar free Apps are in the App Marketplace: Marcus Sheridan's Tipping Point (examine lead activity vs. conversions), and AdWords Performance Grader from Wordstream (summarize PPC usage and activity; grades included). 
  • Book some office hours with one of our Product Managers, the software engineers in charge of developing the HubSpot software.

Help Article of the Week

From the Forums

Did You Know?

  • Check out this awesome explanation of duplicate content from Google. It turns out that you probably should not be syndicating or cross-posting your blog articles. According to HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe, Google sees this as duplicate content which, as the article above states, can negatively affect your SEO. If you want to syndicate your articles, adapt them for the audience or write a new article and link it back to the original article. You can definitely use syndication to link back to your blog -- that will help your SEO.

Doin' it Right

  • Bornstein Sons has an awesome site which was all done on HubSpot's Content Management System. The homepage features a great layout, custom CTA buttons on the left, geo-targeting on the bottom, and clear workflows throughout.
    • Tip: Have a friend who has never looked at your site before perform certain tasks. Pay attention how long it takes them, and think of ways that you can make basic tasks easier (such as booking a service request).

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