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Open Office HoursThe HubSpot product team is opening the phone lines with a series of open office hours, each one hosted by a different Product Manager on the HubSpot team. We want to hear from you!

You can use this opportunity to bend the ear of the HubSpot product team in any number of ways, including but absolutely not limited to:

  • Tell us what you love about HubSpot

  • Tell us what you don't love about HubSpot

  • Ask us your most arcane technical questions about HubSpot

  • Ask us about future development plans for the HubSpot product

  • Get to know us in a friendly, hey-what's-up sort of way

Each product manager "owns" a different piece of the product, so choose your questions to fit your selected host. Just click on the name of the product manager you want to spend some time with, and use the online reservation system to claim your slot.

Check out the current schedule for the HubSpot open office hours as it stands now. Click on the link to reserve a time.

Christopher O'Donnell

Wednesday Afternoons

Topics include: Leads, Lists, Forms, Prospects, Salesforce Integration

Josh Payne

Friday Afternoons

Topics include: All Analytics apps (Sources, Reach, Visits by Page, etc.), SEO Tools (Keywords, Link Grader, Page Grader) and Social Media Monitoring.

Jeremy Crane

Monday Afternoons

Topics include: Blogging, CMS, Social Media Publishing, Landing Pages, CTAs

Brian McMullin

Thursday Afternoons

Topics include: Dashboard, Navigation, General Usability


Of course, if you have any general feedback or questions about the HubSpot product, you can ask any of the product managers anything. The topics above are meant only to provide a general idea of what each PM's area of expertise is, and to help you choose your preferred time slot.

What do you think of the new HubSpot Office Hours? Will we see you there?


Image by Justin Marty

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