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hubspot customer podcast.png resized 600We are pleased to announce a new way for you to immerse yourself in the world of HubSpot!  The HubSpot Customer Podcast will be published weekly, every Monday, beginning today. 

While we talk to customers all day in our jobs at HubSpot Support, we wanted to find another way to share the all the useful features that HubSpot has to offer to make your lives easier. The pace of innovation at HubSpot seems to accelerate with every passing day, and we want to make sure you're kept informed as best we can.

We'll be highlighting some of the new feature announcements that you already read about here on the Customer Blog, as well as a whole slate of other regular segments that we hope will illuminate some hidden corners of the HubSpot product, answer some of your more persistent questions, and keep you moving on the road to Inbound Marketin nirvana.

Regular segments currently include:

  • Product Announcements and Upcoming Features
  • Help Article of the Week
  • From the Forums
  • Did You Know?
  • Doin' it Right

Of course, we're delighted to hear your suggestions for additional segments, features, or guest hosts. Just let us know what you want to hear!

The Customer Podcast will be available here at on the HubSpot Customer Blog, in iTunes (where it is currently pending approval), and via RSS.  Each episode will be around 10 minutes long. Of course, from time to time we will undoubtedly get a little more excited about things and we'll tack on a few extra minutes. 

Your hosts are Joss Poulton and Garrett Guillotte.  We both work in Support here at HubSpot HQ in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Episode 1 also features guest host Lisa Wright, also a Support Engineer at HubSpot. 

In this first episode we discuss:

  • Our favorite "Wow" features of HubSpot

    • Joss:  How "versioning" works and what it means

    • Garrett:  The integration between Leads, Sources, and Keyword Grader

    • Lisa:  The hidden goodness that can be found in Link Grader

Questions, comments, or ideas?  Feel free to leave them in the comments below.  And thanks for tuning in!


Click Below to Listen to Episode 1:


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