Why I Love HubSpot

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Dan MoyleThere's a great post up today on the HubSpot company blog by a guest writer who attended HUGS 2011 a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to make sure everybody saw it. 

Here's a brief excerpt:

Although the company I work for is a customer, I've become more than a HubSpot "user." I consider myself a mouthpiece for a revolutionary way of doing business. Every chance I get, I tell someone about HubSpot and inbound marketing. My wife can attest - she could do the same now that she's heard it so often. But I do it because I believe in it. I'm part of the family. We at AmeriFirst Home Mortgage fully believe in HubSpot.

In fact, a Twitter user recently asked me about my HubSpot usage. I said I was a fan, and she asked why, citing the fact that was “on the fence” about becoming a customer. 140 characters can't cover it, so I sent her this email:

Why I Love HubSpot

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