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The following is a guest post by the developers of SnapApp. SnapApp is solely responsible for all claims and offers made in this post.

The best way to get great leads is with great content. And interactive content is some of the best content there is. In fact, quizzes, polls, surveys, and sweepstakes are generally far more likely to be forwarded and shared with friends and family than static web pages.

With SnapApp, the newest addition to the HubSpot Marketplace, you can easily create custom sweepstakes, quizzes, surveys, and polls and post them to your website, landing pages, emails, Facebook page, and more.


Whether you're a small services-focused organization or the distributor of a highly technical product, you’ll find that you can customize SnapApp to fit your branding and marketing objectives.

Use SnapApp to:

  • Educate prospects about your products and services
  • Start a dialog with your target audience
  • Build customer loyalty with special promotions
  • Acquire leads, registrations and sign-ups
  • Sell more products and services

Use SnapApp content at the top of the funnel to help drive traffic and further down the funnel to qualify prospects by asking questions about preferences and usage, or by including registration forms.

Below are a few of the results companies are realizing with SnapApp:

  • Restaurant Dorado Tacos: Grew email list by 35% using SnapApp to create a trivia test
  • Retailer Magic Beans: Received 113,000+ email entries and 28,000+ “shares” on Facebook and Twitter in a month long sweepstakes that they ran using SnapApp
  • Consumer packaged goods company Remington: 54% audience engagement with a SnapApp personality test that ran on their Facebook page

HubSpot Special: 50% off SnapApp

SnapApp is offering special launch price to HubSpot customers:

  • Free 14 day trial
  • ½ off any SnapApp purchases for up to one year

Questions? Contact the SnapApp Team directly at

Integrating SnapApp with your HubSpot Account

Getting set up with SnapApp is easy:

  • Log in to HubSpot. Hover your mouse over the Community tab and click on App Marketplace
  • Scroll down the list of apps until you reach SnapApp
  • Click on Install
  • Go back up to the Community tab
  • SnapApp should now be listed in the dropdown menu
  • Click on the SnapApp listing and go the SnapApp registration page
  • Register for your free trial account and 50% discount

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