Dismiss Errors in Page Grader Rolling out with UI Changes

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Dissmis Erros in Page GraderWe are happy to announce that HubSpot customers can now dismiss errors in Page Grader

Page Grader is a HubSpot tool that provides detailed reports on a website's pages, and makes suggestions on how to improve an individual page's ranking in search engines. Part of the Page Grader report outlines errors in a Web page's metadata that could negatively affect that page from an SEO perspective.

Page Grader judges webpages by a very strict set of SEO best practices. The ability to dismiss or ignore some of the smaller, more negligible errors reported by Page Grader has become a highly requested feature on ideas.hubspot.com.

As of today, HubSpot customers can dismiss errors from the main Page Grader report by hovering over the error status icon and clicking delete. Users can also delete errors from the the detailed report for each page by dismissing the error message for an individual page element.

Page Grader Error

Users can also reset errors from the main page grader screen.

Reset Errors

Additional UI Changes

describe the imageAlong with the ability to dismiss errors, Hubspot customers will also notice we've made some changes to the Page Grader interface. We've given Page Grader a bit of a facelift, so that it will now match the new look and feel of most other HubSpot apps.

As always, please let us know your thoughts here in the comments, in the HubSpot customer forums, and on ideas.hubspot.com.


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