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HubSpot customers can now create lists in their HubSpot List Manager application of up to 50,000 leads, a significant improvement over the pre-existing list limits.

We will be releasing several new features and enhancements to your Email Marketing and List Manager applications this week. Watch for more updates coming soon!

50,000 lead list size for some criteria

The size of lists that could be generated for certain criteria has in the past been limited to 5,000 leads in your HubSpot List Manager application. This means that if you created a list of leads using certain criteria, you could only create this list if the number of leads your selected criteria yielded was under 5,000 leads in total.

With this change, you will now be able to create and view lists of up to 50,000 leads when you use the following criteria:

  • Form Completed
  • Lead Import
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing

For now, the limit of 5,000 still holds for list creation criteria such as City, State, Zip Code, and Form Fields.

New List Creation


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