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This is the last of the introduction to the Performable tools posts.  Click here to read the the full series. In the last post, we demonstrated how to set up an A/B test in HubSpot's new advanced landing pages tool.  Today we'll walk through some of the dynamic content features available within advanced landing pages.

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content is any element on a landing page that changes in an attempt to be more relevant to a given website visitor.  Landing pages with dynamic content are often used in conjunction with search engine campaigns, but they can be used for any marketing effort.  

You only have a few seconds to win a visitor over when they arrive at your landing page.  Adjusting your landing page content to reflect each visitor can help you capture their attention.  The following are two ways that HubSpot's advanced landing pages can adapt to become more relevant to your visitors. 

Geographic Targeting

Geographic targeting is a powerful feature that will allow you to personalize your landing page for visitors based on their location. Here's an example:

Localized Pizza Page

Geographic targeting can be especially helpful when visitors are finding you through search engines.  Think about how often you include geographic specifics in your search terms. 


Targeting based on  keyword

Let's say you're running a number of different search engine campaign and you want the landing page to reflect the add that the visitor clicked on. With this feature, you can send prospective customers to landing pages with custom, dynamic, content instead of sending them to a generic website or creating different pages for every keyword. This will save you time and also increase your conversions.  In this case, the page changes based on the keyword included as part of the URL.  Here's an example:

Let's say each PPC ad you ran discussed a different type of toy.  For each ad you ran, you would go to the same landing page but vary the URL slighly.

You could personalize that landing page to the URL. So that this...

Becomes this:

You can find more detailed information on how to set this up in our support docs, including information on how to display a default landing page if no personalized link exists. 

Using dynamic content based on geographical information or search keyword is a great way to create an effective personalized experience without tediously creating duplicative landing pages. Just remember to be thoughtful about it.  Only use geographic or keyword targeting if it makes sense for the situation you're in, and if you think it will be beneficial to your website visitors. If you have questions about it or could use more guidance from HubSpot -- just ask!


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