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The HubSpot Dashboard has been completely redesigned to provide you with quick and real-time access to the inbound marketing metrics that matter most to you, and to give you ready access to the reports and apps you use most to make those metrics move. Let's take a look at your new dashboard now to see all that it has to offer.

To opt in to the new Dashboard, just click on the button in the sidebar of your current HubSpot Dashboard.

Opt in


Full Screen Dashboard lined 600

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity links at the top of the Dashboard allow you to easily track your site's performance, view your newest inbound links, and more. Click on each of these links to expand the section and see more detail, without leaving the main Dashboard screen.

Latest Links

Latest Links 1


Performance Update

Performance Update 1


Learning Center

Learning Center 1


Traffic and Leads

The Traffic & Leads section provides you with an interactive display for tracking yout monthly website traffic over time, and cumulative leads generated, so that you can make better marketing decisions, sooner.

Hover your mouse over the graph to bring up the details for a specific date:

Interactive Leads Display1

Check on the performance of your landing pages by honing in on the details of your lead generation over the last 30 days:

Leads Detail 1


Quick Links

You can jump right into your Landing Page Dashboard, Leads app, or other related applications by using the links to the right of each section. This makes it easy for you to see exactly what's driving your patterns of success, every day.

Traffic Leads Links


Landing Pages Links



To give us your feedback about the new HubSpot Dashboard, just use the Feedback button at the bottom of your screen. To revert back to the old style of Dashboard, use the link below.

Feedback and switch


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