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Welcome to Part 5 of the Performable feature series.  Are you feeling like an expert yet? (You can always re-read the full Performable series here.) In this post, I'll walk you through the basics of HubSpot's new advanced landing pages with A/B testing.

Marketing is not always a perfect science. We've all been there -- half of the team wants to lead with one headline while the other half wants to go in a different direction.  Before you start dusting off your rock-paper-scissors skills, you might want to give A/B testing a try.  

HubSpot's advanced landing pages were built to help you identify the best design and content for your landing pages and other key pages on your website.  What follows are the basics.

1. Create your first variation

You can create your first variation by either starting with one of our templates or by importing an existing page on your website with our one-click importer.  


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2. Choose what you want to test

Opinions vary, but when you're just getting started, it's often best to test just one variable so that you're certain which change made the difference when the results of the test come in.  

Some of the most commonly tested fields are:

  • Headline copy and length
  • Images
  • Call to Action buttons (color, size, location)
  • Form fields and length
  • General layout of the page (length, location of images, etc).


3. Create a variation to test

With HubSpot, you can do all this with little more than a single click. Just clone the page and change the elements that you want to test.

puppy landing page


4. Set them both live and watch the results come in

The A/B testing tool allows you to create multiple versions of your landing pages and run them for segments of your audience simultaneously. We then track that data and show you which pages are performing better. You can test as many different variations as you'd like.  We'll tell you when the A/B test becomes statistically significant. When it does, and you're satisfied with the results, just disable the version that didn't do as well and your winning version will take over. 


AB Test Final


Like A/B Testing?

We'd love to start sharing some of the results and lessons that you've learned as you embark on A/B testing of your own. We can't actually promise you free puppies, but we will send you some cool HubSpot swag for helping the rest of the customer community learn from your adventures in A/B testing, and we'll be featuring some of your success stories and best practices as time goes on.  Just email us to learn more about how to get your story published on this blog. 

If you'd like to learn more about purchasing HubSpot's advanced landing pages with A/B testing, please request a demo. 

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