Advanced Marketing Automation (Part 3 of the Performable Series)

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Welcome to Part 3 of the Performable series! Last time we looked at how HubSpot's newest tools help you segment customers based on their behavior. Today we'll take a look at how to leverage those insights to trigger communications that reflect each user's complete experience with your company across channels and over time.  Have you ever received an email from an eCommerce website reminding you about items that you have waiting in your shopping cart?  That's an example of marketing automation in action.  

The trouble with most marketing automation tools, however, is they only take into account what happens on the website itself, and only look at single instances of behavior. HubSpot believes that marketing automation should be about more than just blasting out conditional emails. It should focus on the entire user experience (including social media), and sending communications designed to benefit leads not interrupt them. 

With this tool you can:

Combine on-site and off-site triggers:

Email a lead with a special "advocate" discount if they have downloaded a whitepaper of yours AND mentioned you on twitter.

twitter example

Under this condition set, you could use HubSpot to send the social media advocate a special offer thanking them for spreading the word and hopefully encouraging them to convert.


Support users throughout the customer lifecycle

You shouldn't stop being helpful just because a lead has converted to a customer. With HubSpot's new advanced marketing automation you can continue to nurture customers and keep them coming back.  In this example, we are using the tool to reach out to any customer who has opened a help desk ticket (in this case through a Tender Help Desk application) and never returned to use the site. Doing so, in a thoughtful way, can enable you to scale personal attention and help prevent customer churn.  

helpdesk example

Under this condition set, you could use HubSpot to check in on customers to make sure they get all of their questions answered and nothing is standing in their way.   

More examples are coming your way in future installments.  Do you have a good idea for a tailored communciation you'd like to scale?  List it in the comments below and we'll let you know what's possible with this new tool.  


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