User Profiles and Advanced Segmentation (Part 2 of the Performable Series)

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Welcome to part 2 of the Performable feature series.  Today we're going to take a look at user profiles and advanced segmentation by behavior.  People seldom visit your website for the first time and become a customer right away.  Typically that kind of relationship takes time.  It happens over many interactions and across any number of channels.  Most analytics platforms are based on disconnected anonymous datapoints.  HubSpot's new advanced analytics (acquired from Performable) are different.  HubSpot's advanced analytics are centered on the person, enabling you to see an individual customer's full history of interactions with your company regardless of the channeland opening up advanced options for segmentation.

User profiles

Your lead just converted to a customer.  Woohoo!  The question is: What made up his mind?  Maybe your glowing sales team,  maybe his experience with your thought leadership on your blog, maybe it was that page of customer testimonials, or a post on Quora that led him in your direction.  With HubSpot's new customer-focused analytics, you can look at a given lead or customer's full history of interactions with your company across channels and trigger communciations based on certain actions.  Tie in revenue to see the lifetime value of your customer and get a sense of how engaged he is at any given time.

Here's a fictional example of how it looks:

John Profile 

Segment leads based on real activity

While user profiles are interesting in their own right, this tool gets really powerful when you use it to segment customers based on their activity to better understand what is influencing certain groups of people.  HubSpot helps you segment your customer base based on their behavior on and off your site, enabling you to tailor your communications to them and understand their activity patterns over time.

  • See a list of your best customers and understand what experiences they had in common along their path to conversion. Prioritize those interactions for furture leads.

  • Spot common experiences of customers who lose interest or fail to repeat purchases.

  • Target communications based on customer interests and behavior on and off your site.


(profiles are fictionalized)

In the next edition of the new feature series, we'll take a look at how you can trigger personal communications based on these segments and user activity over time.  If you'd like to learn more about how Performable products and features will be integrated into HubSpot over the next several months, read this. if you'd like to know more about purchasing these newly acquired tools, please request a demo. 


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