Leads Will Be Able to Receive More Than One Lead Nurturing Campaign in Their Lifetime

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Ellie Mirman
Ellie Mirman



Coming soon, HubSpot will release an update to the Lead Nurturing tool that allows a lead to receive more than one lead nurturing campaign in their lifetime.

During the first week of July, we announced that you can now stop or continue a lead nurturing campaign when a lead converts for a second time.

Previously, a lead could only ever be in one campaign in their lifetime, but this new functionality allows a lead to enter a campaign as long as they are not already in one. 

In effect, this means that:

If a lead converts on a form with an associated lead nurturing campaign and...

  • The lead was never in a lead nurturing campaign - the lead will get the new campaign.
  • The lead was in a campaign that completed - the lead will get the new campaign.
  • The lead is in a campaign that's set to stop on next conversion - the lead will get the new campaign.
  • The lead is in a campaign that's set to continue on next conversion - the lead will stay in their current campaign and not get the new one.

Why does this matter?

This new functionality allows you to nurture leads throughout longer sales cycles and multiple conversion events.

What happens to my existing campaigns and leads?

As leads continue to convert on your site, they may now start receiving lead nurturing campaigns if a campaign is attached to a recent conversion form.

Who does this not work for?

At this time, leads may only receive one campaign at a time. And, they can only receive a given campaign once. Also, look out for leads who have already opted out of your emails - they will not be eligible to be nurtured through a lead nurturing campaign.

Note that leads who were previously marked as "ineligible" to receive email communications because they had converted more than once will now be "eligible" so that, when they convert again they can start receiving lead nurturing campaigns again.

When is this update happening?

These updates will be released to all customers over the next couple of weeks.

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