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Since we announced the integration of the Zerys Content Marketplace in the HubSpot product, we've received two kinds of reactions from customers.  The first has been enthusiasm about the fact that it is now quick and easy to commission, purchase, and publish professionally written, tailored content for around $15-20 for a 500-word blog article.  The second is skepticism that this is really possible.  

The first reaction thrilled us.  The second reaction is what we want to address in the following video.  HubSpot customers are already using the content marketplace inside HubSpot to source blogs, ebooks, and whitepapers, and we wanted you to hear directly from them about their experiences with the content marketplace.
Featured in the video are:

Julie Montgomery- Director of Marketing at Plexent, an IT management consultancy.

Jason Scott- President of Distinctive Landscaping, a landscaping company. 

Chris Spore- Online Marketing Director at Betterworks, a platform for managing employee perks. 

Kyle James- HubSpot’s blogging platform team
...  ...  ... 
Other resources to help you get started with Zerys: 

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