New Option to Continue Lead Nurturing After 2nd Conversion

Ellie Mirman
Ellie Mirman



Starting this week, HubSpot customers will be able to set a lead nurturing campaign to continue after a subscribed lead converts for a second time. To do so, go into the Settings for a lead nurturing campaign and select "Continue Campaign" from the new dropdown setting for "When a lead in this campaign converts on another form."

Step 1: Click "Settings" for the Lead Nurturing Campaign

Lead Nurturing Campaign Screen

Step 2: Choose "Continue Campaign" from the dropdown setting for "When a lead in this campaign converts on another form"

Lead Nurturing Campaign Settings Screen

Step 3: Click "Save and Continue" to save your new settings

save lead nurturing

When would I want to continue lead nurturing after conversion?

If you have a set of emails you want a lead to receive regardless of their activity on your website. For example, if you want to educate every new lead on your product offerings or send them relevant follow up blog articles based on that first conversion event.

When would I want to stop lead nurturing after conversion?

If the goal of your lead nurturing campaign is to re-engage your new leads. For example, if you want every new whitepaper lead to come back to your site and request a product demonstration or, in general, nurture "top of the funnel" leads to convert on a "middle of the funnel" offer.

What happens to my existing campaigns?

The default setting is to "Stop Campaign" upon second conversion, to match how lead nurturing previously worked before introducing this setting. You are welcome to edit the Settings of your existing campaigns if you'd like to change this.

We're happy to be announcing this feature, as it comes highly requested from customers in interviews, the forums, and We hope you'll continue to provide this sort of feedback so that we can learn more about how you'd like to use the HubSpot software!

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