HubSpot + Performable Packaging and Pricing Update

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Last week, we announced HubSpot’s acquisition of Performable. Naturally, many of our customers wanted to learn more about our plans to combine these two products over time, and how this will affect their pricing in the future. While we are still hammering out many of the finer points, we wanted to share with you our plans for the coming months.

1.  We will maintain existing products and pricing for now.  Our approach initially will be to support and sell the HubSpot and Performable products separately. Over the next several weeks we will be building some basic integrations that will allow the two products to operate more smoothly in tandem. HubSpot customers who are interested in taking advantage of Performable’s advanced features should purchase Performable now and will be able to leverage this integration as it is developed.  

2.  We will merge HubSpot and Performable into one seamless product over time.  Over the next several months we will be combining the HubSpot and Performable products into a single platform under the unified HubSpot name.  While we work toward this goal, we will continue to innovate and expand on the existing HubSpot products and features. With Performable’s top-notch engineering and management team joining HubSpot, we expect to execute on these endeavors even more effectively.  To be clear -- current customers can expect their existing tools to only get better because of the Performable acquisition. Former Performable CEO and co-founder David Cancel, now HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer, will, in his new role, guide much of this team’s work.

3.  Product packages will evolve. While HubSpot and Performable offer a great many unique features on their own, they also share some overlapping capabilities.  As we move to combine these two products over the next few months, we will also be making decisions regarding which combination of features is available in each HubSpot offering.  In many cases, we expect to leverage the combined features to evolve HubSpot’s existing tools. However, as Performable was designed and built for more complex businesses, we do also expect some of Performable’s features and tools to be added to an entirely new, higher-priced HubSpot product tier.

4.  We will do right by our customers.  As we work towards combining these products over the next several months, we do expect there to be some changes to our prices. Specifically, we plan to roll out a new, value-based pricing model with associated tiers for the combined product in the second half of this year. When we do this, we will ensure that all customers get into the right product for them at the best price available to them. In most cases, this will be your current price. We will continue to provide access to the tools you have today at the price you have today.

We hope that you share in our excitement about the potential that this acquisition represents for HubSpot’s ability to provide world class products and services moving forward.    

To learn more about HubSpot + Performable, please join us for a webinar and live Performable demonstration on June 28 at 1pm EST. 

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