What's the Best Place for your Call to Action?

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CTA ButtonYou've got a compelling offer on a beautifully optimized landing page on your website. Now you just need to create a great Call to Action button and put it where your visitors will see it.

But what location on your website will attract the most attention from the right visitors?

Your Website's Main Page

If your offer is something that is geared to appeal to the top of the sales funnel, and any casual visitor to your site, then you might want to place your CTA button on the main page of your website.

Be sure to place your button above the fold so that it will be visible to visitors without any scrolling, and design it in a color that contrasts with the main colors of your website so that it stands out.

The Sidebar of an Internal Page

If your offer is something that is geared to appeal to the middle of the funnel, or to a prospect who has dug just a little bit deeper into researching the product and services you offer, you might want to place your CTA button in the sidebar of an internal page of your website.

You'll still want your CTA to lie above the fold in contrasting colors, but you'll also want to give some thought to how it works in the context of the page. Consider using CTA text that relates to the content on the page and your offer -- something that bridges the gap between the two pages.

At the End of a Blog Post

Offers that are specific to certain types of visitors, such as those who might have more specific interests and needs than the casual visitor, are often usefully placed at the end of a related blog article. Try to determine what further information a reader might want if they had just finished reading one of your more popular blog articles, and place your CTA right where they can see it when they are most interested and engaged in what you have to say.

To see great examples of actual HubSpot customers using CTA buttons in each of these locations on their websites, check out HubSpot Examples.

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