Three Steps to Transforming Your Content

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This blog post is part of HubSpot's week-long celebration of Marketing Transformation Week, April 4-8, 2011. 5 Days. 50 Prizes. 500 Tips! #transform

As a HubSpot customer, you know that providing great content on your site is essential to your inbound marketing success.

You know that companies that blog get 55% more website visitors than those who do not. And you know that over 75% of internet users conduct research online before they commit to buying -- and that they are far more likely to buy from the companies that offer them the best research to help them make that decision to buy.

But maybe you're stuck on how exactly to create all this great content.

Here are three simple tips to get you started:

Step 1: Transform your blogging

blog analyticsCheck your Blog Analytics under the Analytics tab.

Review which articles are getting the most traction.

Sort by Page Views, Inbound Links, or Comments and review the top five articles on your blog.

What do these articles share in common?

Is there a particular topic that seems to be resonating with your readers?

Is it something about how the title is worded?

What's the common thread?

How well is your blog attracting interested visitors to your site?

Step 2: Transform Your CTAs

Blog traffic is great, but you also need to convert those interested visitors into leads.

HS CTA GEN resized 196Check to make sure that you have strong Calls to Action at the end of each of your top traffic-generating articles. How well does the language in your CTA relate to the article your visitor has just read?

How well calibrated is it to where that customer is likely to be in the sales funnel? Are you trying to force them closer to a sale than they are ready for at this stage in their research?

Experiment with different CTA language, layout, and design. Create a new Call to Action button using the HubSpot CTA button generator.

How well are your CTAs converting your visitors into leads?

Step 3: Transform Your Offers

Conversion ratesIf people are reading your blog articles avidly, but aren't converting by filling out the forms on your landing pages, it might be time to experiment with a different CTA or a different offer.

How well are you serving your customers' needs with the content you are offering them on your landing pages? Is it content that is geared more towards what you want them to do, or what they want to learn?

Remember to present your customers with offers that meet them where they are today in the sales cycle, not where you wish they were.

Many HubSpot customers, when they begin to truly transform their content, discover that their sales cycle is considerably longer than they once thought it was.

How well are your offers converting casual leads into qualified leads?

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