HubSpot customers with Android phones can now track their leads conveniently from their phones, using the new HubSpot Leads Android app.

Once installed and configured, the leads app alerts you when a lead converts on your HubSpot portal, and allows you to call or email any lead from your phone.


For complete details on the new HubSpot Leads Android app, read all about it and download it for yourself from the Android Marketplace page.

To be properly configured with your HubSpot portal, you must have API access to your leads, which is part of the HubSpot Medium and Large products. HubSpot Small customers can contact their Customer Success Managers to discuss upgrading to obtain API access with their HubSpot portal.

Provide feedback on the new HubSpot Leads Android app. Please note that this third party application is not directly supported by HubSpot, nor by HubSpot Tech Support.

Originally published Feb 25, 2011 9:55:00 AM, updated December 16 2013