Follow Me Module Now Automatically Added to HubSpot Emails

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FMMBeginning this week, the Follow Me module that you have configured in your HubSpot portal will be automatically inserted into all your HubSpot Email Manager campaigns and Lead Nurturing emails.

Including handy links to your social media accounts in all your communications is a powerful tool in expanding your reach and building your inbound marketing effectiveness. And since HubSpot's goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to be a great inbound marketer, we've now made it easy for you to include these links in all your emails sent from HubSpot. 

As you know, your Follow Me module is already automatically included in all your newly created HubSpot-hosted website pages. We're simply expanding the functionality of that same module to include your email marketing campaigns and lead nurturing emails.

Over the last few months, we discovered that many of our customers have been adding these links manually to their emails. With this new capability, you simply configure your Follow Me module once and let HubSpot do the rest.

Do note that if you are using a custom HTML template for your email communications in HubSpot, the Follow Me module will not be added automatically. However, you can choose to add it to your custom email template by simply adding the ${followme} token to your template configuration.

If you wish to change which social media accounts are displayed in your Follow Me module, just go to the Promote tab in your HubSpot portal and choose Social Media. Click on Social Media Accounts and scroll down to the bottom of the page to select which accounts will be displayed in your Follow Me module.

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