5 Apps To Install in HubSpot [Change Your Life in One Hour]

Sarah Bedrick
Sarah Bedrick



HubSpot App MarketplaceHubSpot’s App Marketplace has been growing rapidly.  In only five short months, the marketplace has been expanded to include over 50 apps. These apps have been created by our own HubSpotters, HubSpot partners, and designers around the world.  The goal with the App Marketplace is to deliver more valuable inbound marketing tools that will help you gain more inbound marketing insights and grow your business.  

If you have used the App Marketplace, you have seen there are many apps available to serve the varying needs of HubSpot customers.  For today, we have selected five that are applicable to every business on an ongoing basis.  These apps will add value to your day whether you dabble in inbound marketing or spend your full days cranking away in HubSpot!  Check out our list below.  We guarantee, if you give yourself 60 minutes, you will have the time to install these apps, start using them, and begin gaining value.


Zery’s is a wildly powerful content generating tool for everyone.  It is your gateway to purchasing cost effective content from professional writers.  Using Zery's, you can find writers by specialty, by price and even by user-generated rank that will help you to determine the best matched writer for you.

Zerys can be used to purchase blog posts, offers, site content and pretty much any type of content you can imagine. The best part - if you don’t like the content - you can reject it without any cost incurrred to you.

Approximate time necessary to get started: 20 minutes to create an account and find a writer/purchase content

Learn more from HubSpot’s Customer Blog.


Vocalyze is a free app that turns all of your blog articles into an audio feed. This app rocks! From start to finish it takes about five minutes to install. Depending on your demographic, some people prefer to digest content in audio form. Take advantage of this free app and drop it into your blog sidebar.

Approximate time to get started: 5 minutes

Learn more from HubSpot’s Customer Blog.


Keywords is very similar to Keyword Grader but more enhanced. It takes your current keywords in the Keyword Grader app and instantly populates them into the app.  Then it shows you how many leads you attained from that specific keyword and also allows you to tag it to a specific campaign. Learn how to manage your keyword campaigns from Monday's blog post. 

Approximate time to get started: 10 minutes 

Learn more form HubSpot's Customer Blog

To Do List

Having a hard time finding that paper to do list you crafted from your consulting call or when perusing the HubSpot software? Download the “To Do List” app and in just minutes you can create a customized personal to do list for your own portal. Take control of your success and create a plan. Learn more from HubSpot’s Customer Blog.

Approximate time to get started: 15 minutes

Learn more from HubSpot's Customer Blog

Social Media Publishing

This one is simple to install and is quite fun. You can use it to schedule tweets for a later time-frame making you an efficient marketer even while you sleep. Meeting up with family during the holidays? Schedule a few tweets so you won’t have to worry about staying connected to the Internet and can focus on your family connection (and your skiing).

Approximate time to get started: 10 minutes

Learn more from HubSpot’s Customer Blog.

These are just five that you can begin taking advantage of in one hour or less. Are there other apps in HubSpot's App Marketplace that you feel makes you a more effective and efficient inbound marketer?

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