Are Your Marketing Reports On The Back Burner?

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Marketing Back Burner resized 600Let's face it, as an inbound marketer, you are a busy bee!  You are blogging regularly to get found.  You are creating and promoting calls to action to generate leads.  You are launching lead nurturing campaigns and using email marketing to convert your leads into paying customers.  You are leveraging social media to communicate with your contacts as a thought leader.  All of these tasks are fundamental pieces of inbound marketing.  You may not consistently have enough time to take a step back and measure your success.

It's understandable!  Your day is filled with inbound marketing + other tasks that pull you in many directions.  Measuring success and analyzing your reporting insights are often the easiest "to-do" items to place on the back burner.  While it may be easy to justify, don't let yourself fall into this trap!  Measuring your success is a key component of understanding your success and formulating your plan to move ahead.  

If the above applies to you, here are some sustainable tips to help you analyze your progress and measure your results over time:  

1) Create A Marketing Report to Measure Your Inbound Marketing Results / Monthly:  Try using this power point template and instructions to create a marketing report using your reports in your HubSpot.  The template contains 10 ready-made slides you can use to insert monthly screen captures from HubSpot to help you visualize your data, analyze your results, formulate insights, and share next steps with your team internally.  

2) Export Your Keyword Results from Keyword Grader to Measure Your SEO visibility / Monthly:  This reporting routine will help you measure your SEO visibility.  Simply go to the Keyword Grader and click "Refresh All" to make sure the tool is reflecting the metrics for each of your keywords.  Once this is done, click Export to move these metrics into a .csv file.  Once this data is exported, sort by rank and visits, to monitor your SEO visibility.  Add this exercise to your calendar to occur monthly and try saving all of your monthly exports in one file and build new sheets for each month moving ahead.  For best results, make sure all of the keywords driving visits to your site + those you are monitoring for SEO have been loaded into the grader tool.  

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3) Monitor Your Leads To Customer Results:  Use the Sources Report to gauge your "visit to lead" + "lead to customer percentages" on a monthly basis.  This will help you determine whether you should focus next month's efforts on 1) creating more calls to action to convert more visitors to leads or 2) create email marketing strategies or lead nurturing campaigns to convert more leads to customers.  To achieve your goals, you may find you need to carve out time to achieve both.  Just remember the age old saying,  "Knowing is half the battle."

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