5 Steps to Creating the All-Important Thank You Page

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Sarah Bedrick
Sarah Bedrick



Thank you pages are the ideal way to follow up your landing page. They
thankyoupagecomplements take just a few minutes to create, look great and can really enhance a newly converted lead's experience. Just like most other inbound marketing elements, thank you pages have a specific formula to them that can really enhance your site visitors experience, build trust with them and also increase your conversion rates.

There are about five elements that every thank you page should contain and they are as follows:

#1 The navigation

One of the critical parts of a landing page is the fact that it lacks navigation. We work hard to drive traffic to our landing page, the last thing we want to do is distract them. However, our Thank You page is the perfect opportunity to bring back that site navigation so that they can continue perusing your website. 

Note: Creating a new website page in HubSpot will automatically add back in the navigation for you. 

#2 Hold true to your promise

What was your offer? Was it an eBook, a free sample or a demo? Your Thank You page should hold up your end of the bargain and either include a link for them to download the offer or set proper expectations on what they can expect from you. If it is a middle or bottom of the funnel offer like a customized estimate or a free sample, let them know that you'll be reaching out shortly or they can expect their free sample in the mail in the next week.

Note: If it is a top-of-the-funnel offer - you should absolutely make sure you include to download the offer immediately rather than waiting for an automated response email. 

#3 Answer their question: "What's next?" with somewhere helpful to go!

Immediately upon converting, your leads will take advantage of your offer, but also think "What's next?" Don't make them guess - create a streamlined process by giving them a few links on ideal places you think are best for them to visit next. 

Note: Take a look at previous leads who have converted on these landing pages to determine if there is a normalized behavior for these leads. If you notice trends in pages that they typically visit next, consider including these pages as future steps.

#4 Move them further into your sales funnel

The main purpose of your thank you page is to take care of newly converted leads. Take your thank you pages to the next level and nurture your new leads further into your funnel by offering them your next best converting offer that is further into the funnel. For example, if a person converts on a top of the funnel offer, consider including a medium to bottom of the funnel offer on the thank you page. If your lead converts on a middle of the funnel offer, include a bottom of the funnel offer as their next conversion opportunity.

Note: In order to track the conversion rate for your CTA on this page, you'll have to create a new (or duplicate a previous) CTA on these offers so you can track their conversion rates.

#5 Get social

Include a "Follow Me" widget to encourage your leads to connect with you on other areas of the web and to keep updated on your latest offers and incentives. 
These are just five elements that combined can create a perfect thank you page. If you've already covered these, consider testing your thank you page conversion and adding other items to thank you pages like a blog subscription or social sharing options. Remember, just like all other areas of your site the page should be clear, concise and work to create a streamlined process for your leads. 
Are you already incorporating thank you pages? Have you noticed trends or certain elements that tend to work well? Share them with other HubSpot customers by adding them below.

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