5 Locations You Must Add Your Calls to Action

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Sarah Bedrick
Sarah Bedrick



location of calls to actionYou can add your calls to action anywhere you like, however, there are five places that you cannot afford to ignore.

Remember, calls to action are your opportunity to appeal to specific site visitors and convert them into leads. Every page on your site should be optimized with a call to action, otherwise, it is a missed opportunity.

1. Bottom of a blog post

The bottom of your blog posts is the ideal location to add a relevant call to action. Think about it, if someone reads your entire blog post on “XYZ” and then finds the “Download the Ultimate eBook on XYZ” – what a perfect user experience. By creating a perfectly streamlined and consistent user experience you’re demonstrating your expertise, adding to your credibility and increasing your CTA’s conversion rate.

Additional things to consider:

  • Top of the funnel offers usually work best (e.g. whitepaper, how-to guides, checklists). By diving too quickly into the sell at the end of the blog post, you can diminish the trust and goodwill you’ve built up with your site visitor throughout the post.
  • Make sure the offer is relevant to the content of the post. If someone Googled “social media marketing” and found your blog based around “social media marketing” – we should make sure we have a relevant top of the funnel offer related to “social media marketing.” Think about how disconnected an experience might be if we offered an eBook on “on-page seo techniques.” We want a streamlined and seemless conversion process. If you don't have an offer that targets this specific set of keywords, create one.

See a blog post example from Huthwaite Asia Pacific.

2. Blog sidebar

You work hard blogging every week. Take advantage of all the site visitors you drive by including two calls to action on your blog sidebar. You should include your best converting top of the funnel offer as well as your best converting bottom of the funnel offer (e.g. demo, schedule a consultation). By including two, at two different points in the buying cycle, you’re addressing the majority of your site traffic no matter where they are in the buying cycle.

Additional things to consider:

  • Make sure your CTA’s follow best practices before boasting their prominence.
  • Position your calls to action toward the top of your sidebar increasing their prominence on your site.
  • Not sure which top of the funnel offer to include in your sidebar? Test it!

Check out this example of two CTA’s on a blog sidebar from OPAS.

3. Homepage

The homepage is generally your most visited page on your site. Add a call to action to make sure you’re capitalizing on all that traffic! Just like best practice dictates, make sure you’re placing this call to action above the fold to grab the reader’s attention immediately upon visiting your site.

Additional things to consider:

- Top, Middle or Bottom of the funnel offers work best here. Most prospects interested in your brand and products will enter through the homepage, so make sure there are two different and valuable CTA.

Check out an example homepage CTA from Affordable Preservation Co.

4. Thank You Page

Thank you pages are what a newly converted lead is greeted with after selecting the “Submit” button on a site form. They're already showing interest in what you have to offer, so use this key opportunity to convert them further down your funnel. Add your CTA to the top right of the thank you page to enhance its prominence on your page.

Additional things to consider:

- Try adding a middle of the funnel offer after they’ve converted on a top of the funnel offer.
- Add a bottom of the funnel offer after they've converted on a middle of the funnel offer

See this example in action on Vendere Partners’ thank you page.

5. Most Visited Website Pages

Have you taken a look at your “Visits by Page” lately under the Analyze tab in HubSpot? It can provide great insight as to which pages on your site are the most popular during certain time ranges. Consider selecting the 3 month time range and take a look at the most visited pages on your site within the past three months. Do they all have Calls To Action? If not, add an appropriate CTA that fits in well with the page’s typical site visitor.

Additional things to consider:

- If the most highly trafficked pages are blog posts, consider adding a related top of the funnel offer.


These are the 5 most important areas we believe you should have calls to action. Are there other places you’ve positioned your calls to action that have proven successful for you?

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