How to Effectively Use Lead Nurturing [Customer Example]

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



hubspot lead nurturing exampleThis is a guest blog article from Chester Butler from The Butler Company, Inc. Chester is a HubSpot customer and attended HubSpot's Lead Nurturing Day Camp webinar series.  He came up with a terrific marketing campaign using HubSpot's Lead Nurturing app and I asked him to teach all of you his strategy.

After attending the Lead Nurturing Day Camp at HubSpot, I realized that lead nurturing may be the answer to a conversion problem. Here’s the situation.  We use direct mail to steer a group of target buyers to our sister company,  This company only does niche bond products.  It is a totally Internet-based business, selling very specialized products. Once they get a new buyer, the lead is passed to our brick and mortar insurance agency. 

The problem is the brick and mortar agency is not successfully converting these niche product buyers to customers. The agency sends one email introducing them to The Butler Company and they are put on the agency newsletter mailing list. The agency gets about 65 new niche buyer referrals per month. But since there is little personal contact with these prospects our conversion rate has been dismal. Very frustrating!

We do not have the staff to give each of these prospects a call and additional direct mail is too expensive. So here is our plan to turn defeat into victory with lead nurturing.

We are developing an eBook, the Auto Insurance Shopping Guide. With very little editing we have enough material from prior blogs to compose this small eBook.  It will run 20+pages.  We will send the eBook each month to the new referrals with the hope of them downloading the eBook. Once they download the eBook they will be added to a lead nurturing campaign.   

We have been writing our own newsletter copy for three years. So we have plenty of content to use in each lead nurturing email. We’ll also use our most popular newsletter articles as follow-up education offers in our lead nurturing campaign. 

Most people buy 6 month auto policies. This means every 6 or 7 weeks people will have an auto policy coming up for renewal. So our lead nurturing campaigns will last 7 weeks. This enhances our chance of being in front of them when they are making a buying decision. The conservative income potential is $13,260. Not bad for recycled content!

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