How To Leverage Social Media Throughout Your Company [Bloginar 3 of 4]

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Christopher LoDolce
Christopher LoDolce



Today marks the third week of the Content Camp bloginar focused onsocially optimized email signature leveraging your entire company for social media dominance. To recap, the goal of a bloginar is to reduce the time it typically takes to research a new initiative, create a plan and then implement that plan company-wide. For this specific four-part bloginar series, you should be able to implement each phase in under an hour as the Content Camp team creates all the templates, guides and checklists you need. To start from the beginning please visit the first bloginar in the series.

Bloginar [3 of 4] Create a socially optimized email signature template

The goal of this third bloginar is to create a socially optimized email signature template, which each of your employees can use to replace their current email signature in 15 minutes or less. This is ideal for any customer facing role, but will be beneficial for your entire company to implement.

Primary Goals:

  • Create a consistent company-wide email signature
  • Increase social media visits and leads via the company's social media pages
  • Capitalize on social proof/social media word of mouth

Secondary Goals:

  • Increase social media followings
  • Increase blog subscribers (email & RSS)
  • Continue to build internal awareness that social media is no longer just a marketing function

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