How To Leverage Social Media Throughout Your Company [Bloginar 2 of 4]

Christopher LoDolce
Christopher LoDolce



twitter linkedin domination.jpg resized 600It has been a week since the inaugural Bloginar post focused on getting all of your businesses’ employees signed up for Twitter and LinkedIn.  By now you should have customized the email template and sent it out to your employees with the step-by-step guide on how to setup Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have sent the email and your employees have followed the guide, congratulations…Goal 1 complete! If not, hop back over to the 1st bloginar for a refresh and send out the email we have created for you ASAP (it should only take you 15 minutes).

The next step for industry-wide social media dominance is getting your employees with those freshly made accounts to begin using them, and using them correctly.  There are a few basics that every Twitter and LinkedIn user should be aware of and practice. Such basics will be found in the “using social media” guide at the end of this Bloginar.

The objective of this second phase of this four part Bloginar series  is to get your employees (especially those who may be new to social media) primed and ready for phase three and four.  In the next two phases you will be asking employees to socially optimize their email signatures and begin tweeting company/industry news.

Bloginar [2 of 4]: Educate Employees on how to use Twitter and LinkedIn

Goals for Part Two:

  • Have all of your employees following each other
  • Each employee should be following at least 5 accounts outside the company (recommended by you)
  • Each employee should join 5 industry groups on LinkedIn (2of5 recommended by you)
  • Employees should be comfortable using @ and # tags on twitter and navigating LinkedIn Groups

To educate your employees as efficiently as possible the Content Camp team has created a guide that will walk your employees through the basics of Twitter and LinkedIn. This guide will require some updates on your part which are all outlined in the Bloginar checklist below.

The cumulative time for you to complete the checklist (edit the email template, edit the attached guide and insert your employees names into the attached excel sheet should be under an hour).

Download the Bloginar kit now! You have (2) download options

Enter your email and download. You will get an email today and each of the next two Thursdays with a copy of the links to the new Bloginar and links to download the previous blogin kits as well. Click here for this option.

If you would like your results to be shared at the conclusion of this bloginar series (either individually or combined) please enter your name, email and HubSpot ID by clicking HERE.

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