How To Leverage Social Media Throughout Your Company [Bloginar 1 of 4]

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Christopher LoDolce
Christopher LoDolce



As promised in last week’s post, “Bloginar: A new marketing tactic” today is theBloginar-How To Leverage Social Media Throughout Your Company inaugural bloginar in a series of four. This first ever bloginar series will help you implement social media throughout your business to increase traffic, leads and of course customers directly from social media. The best part is that most social media tools are free and the Content Camp team has done most of the work for you. This includes an email to send out to employees, step- by-step guides for your employees to set up Twitter and LinkedIn, an implementation checklist for you, and an easy way to track which employees have signed up via Twitter.

Below is an outline of the Social media bloginar series. Remember everything needed to complete the objectives are included in the free bloginar kit at the end of each post and should take an hour or less out of your schedule to implement.

Each of the bloginars in the series will focus on how to build a presence and engage your industry via social media with the end goal of increasing social media traffic to your website. To view your social media traffic in HubSpot, go to Analyze > Sources > Social Media.

Bloginar [1 of 4]: Get your entire company signed up for Twitter and LinkedIn

Prior to implementing phase one of this bloginar series you will need to have the following in place:

  • Company Twitter account (free to signup)
  • Personal & Company LinkedIn Profile (free to create)
  • Access to social media for the entire company (If you need some help persuading your management and/or IT group, check out this article)

The goal of this bloginar is to get all of your employees signed up with a professional Twitter and LinkedIn account. Twitter is a great way to share blog/news articles and drive traffic back to your site. It also can help a new article get found and indexed more quickly by search engines.

LinkedIn is a great forum for professional knowledge sharing, and in the bloginar next week there will be info on getting employees to answer questions and participate in groups to drive traffic and leads. This week’s bloginar kit includes the following documents needed for you to implement a company-wide Twitter and LinkedIn account initiative.

  • Implementation checklist
  • Pre-written emails to send out to the company describing the initiative and the amount of time it will take (15 minutes)
  • Step-by-step guide for setting up Twitter, LinkedIn and linking the two accounts together
  • Guide for how to create a private list on Twitter to track employees that have signed up (located in checklist)

If you would like your results to be shared at the conclusion of this bloginar series (either individually or combined) please enter your name, email and HubSpot ID by clicking HERE.

Download the Bloginar kit now! You have (2) download options:

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