How to Keep it Simple Blogger [KISB]

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



keep it simple bloggerKeep it Simple Stupid (KISS). It’s one of my favorite acronyms, besides for the stupid part at the end. It should be just “Keep it Simple.” I love this acronym because so many marketers and non-marketers try to over-complicate things for the sake of trying to look smarter or more unique than they really are.

I write my content and blog articles with education and simplicity always in mind.  Why should you try to make it harder for some to understand something, download something or buy something?

I hear all the time that people can’t blog because they aren’t experts or they need the writing to be perfect. Well that’s the complete opposite of what blogging should be. I’m going to create my own acronym, Keep it Simple Blogger (KISB). It’s not as easy to say as KISS, but it applies to everyone reading this blog. The principles of KISB are:

  1. Create a compelling, not confusing title. Keep it straight forward and simple.
  2. Focus on writing about one topic per article
  3. Have no grammar or spelling mistakes in the article
  4. Write the article like you’re a teacher, not a marketer or expert
  5. Make sure you teach people at least one thing in the article (a takeaway)
  6. Include one call to action in the article

That’s it! If you boil it down and concentrate on those six things I bet you can write at least one blog article per week. And if you can’t, you can at least give a third-party content creator enough direction to write a blog article.

Plus, the article you write will be simple, clear and informative, and will teach readers something important.

Marcus Sheridan is a great example of a blogger that follows my KISB rules. His blog articles always teach me something, they include a call to action and he writes like a teacher, not a marketing expert.

So, can you start practicing KISB, or are you already practicing KISB?

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