How to Optimize an Adwords Account

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Optimizing Adwords

Why Should I Optimize my Adwords Account?

Optimizing your Adwords account will ensure that you're spending your dollars as effectively as possible. Google prizes 'relevance' of results above all else. As you make efforts to target your ads, you will see an increase in ad delivery and a subsequent increase in ad performance. 

How to Optimize my Adwords Account

  1. Optimizing an Adwords Account Webinar
  2. Adwords Coupon
  3. Set up an Adwords account
  4. Download the Google Adwords Editor

What Optimizing an Adwords Account Can Do!

Optimizing your Adwords account will help you spend less money, convert more leads and be more successful with Adwords all together. Positive optimization will increase your Adwords Quality Score, resulting in lower CPC (cost per click) for a higher adwords position. Not only that, if you optimize your account and get 15 conversions in 30 days, you're eligible for CPA (cost per acquisition) bidding!

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