How to Set up a Google Adwords Account

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Setting up a Google Adwords accountWhy Should I Set up a Google Adwords Account?

Paid search can be a great way to augment your organic traffic. If set up well, paid traffic can be cost effective, relevant and help you target words that you can't yet rank for organically. Of course, before you can access any of the benefits of Adwords, you need to set up an Adwords account!

How to Set up a Google Adwords Account

  1. Setting up a Google Adwords Account Webinar Video & Slides
  2. Adwords Coupon
  3. Set up an Adwords account:
  4. Download the Google Adwords Editor


What Setting up a Google Adwords Account Can Do!

Your Adwords account will allow you to choose what networks you want your advertisments to appear in. It will also let you create your adgroups and  can help you measure your conversion results. Not only thatm but you get access to other Google Adwords tips and tools.


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