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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



inbound marketing educationCan't get enough Content Camp? Want to learn more internet marketing strategies that will help drive traffic to your business, without having to leave your computer or spend a dime?  Well, we have the perfect program for you! 

Inbound Marketing University is a free training program that allows you to take online classes, followed by a comprehensive certification exam.  Pass the test, and you'll get an "Inbound Marketing Certified Professional" badge to put on your website!  And even better, you can immediately apply the lessons you learn to optimize the way you use your HubSpot software and to make the most of your inbound marketing efforts.

Not to mention, now is the best time to register for Inbound Marketing University - we’re launching 5 brand new webinar classes!  Here’s a sneak peek of each of the new classes we’re offering.

1. "Crash Course in SEO" by Brian Whalley of HubSpot.  This class covers the fundamentals of search engine optimization, giving you the best tips for getting your website to rank higher in Google and gain more search traffic.  Brian explains the difference between branded and non-branded content and why they're both critical for your business, and then shows you the best techniques for balancing them on your website.

Quote from the course: “The number one most important factor to being ranked well in Google is for them to think that you’re a very respectable, authoritative, useful site that expresses a lot of expertise on that subject.”

2. "Developing a Keyword Strategy" by Mike Briggs of Website Publicity.  In this class, Mike begins with a short introduction to keywords, what they are and why they're important for your inbound marketing strategy, and then covers the best practices for selecting and implementing your keywords.  You'll learn not only how to find the right keywords for your business, but also how to rank for them and use them to drive more visitors to your site.

Quote from the course: “Essentially, any time you find yourself in front of your keyboard, doing something for your website, you should have your master list [of keywords] right next to you, helping guide what it is that you’re using in your language in order to help your SEO.”

3. "The Science of Social Media" by Dan Zarella of HubSpot.  In this class, Dan teaches you to take a new perspective on how to use social media to drive business, breaking myths and taking you beyond the generic "fluffy" advice to the actual data, statistics, and science behind how people behave online, and how you, as a marketer, can leverage those behaviors.

Quote from the course: “Generally, when I looked at accounts and I looked at how much self-reference they make, I found that as accounts talk about themselves more, they tend to have fewer followers.  If you’re looking to get a lot of reach and you’re looking to market effectively, don’t talk about yourself all that much.”

4. "Enchanting Your Prospects" by Guy Kawasaki.  Listen as Guy talks about how to create deeper relationships with your prospects and customers.  He gives many important tips for interacting with others in ways that will help you form positive relationships with them, and get them to like and trust you.

Quote from the course: “Default to a ‘yes’ attitude. Basically you’re telling the world, ‘I have a positive attitude, I’m going to assume the best things about you, I’m going to figure out how I can help you. When I meet you, I’m thinking, ‘How can I help you,’ not, ‘What can I get from you.’”

5. "Social & Mobile Marketing" by Jamie Turner of the 60 Second Marketer.  In this class, you'll learn the best tips for getting customers to buy your product, as Jamie uncovers how consumers make buying decisions, explores the different models for using social media to connect with customers, and discusses the latest in mobile marketing.

Quote from the course: “They did a study just recently that said that most people, when they leave their house, if they leave their house without their wallet, they’ll keep going.  If they leave their house without their smartphone, they’ll turn around and go get it.  So smartphones are really an interesting way to use a new technology to connect with customers.”


If you’re interested in learning more from these classes, along with 13 other classes taught by more leading experts in the marketing industry, sign up for Inbound Marketing University today!  If you pass the certification exam by July 31st, you’ll get 20% off your tickets to the Inbound Marketing Summit and/or the HubSpot User Group Summit in Boston, September 14-16 (a $150 discount)! 

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