The Importance of Calls to Action on your Business Blog

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Christopher LoDolce
Christopher LoDolce



So you are driving an average of 55% more visitors to your site than your competitors who don’t blog. You likely have 75% or more inbound links and over 400% more indexed pages than those not blogging, but are you monetizing those great statistics from your business blog?call to actions on a business blog

To fully capitalize on your blogging efforts it is important to include at least one call to action (CTA) with each blog article you publish. Doing so will allow you to convert your blog readers from “unknown visitors” to quantifiable leads...leads that can become your customers.

When creating CTAs on your blog, keep in mind the majority of blog readers (especially visitors from search engines) fall into the “information searchers” category. Approximately 75% of your blog traffic are information searchers. In general these readers are not yet ready to speak to you or learn about your products or services. Rather, your blog readers are content consumers looking for information on how to fulfill a need or solve a problem.

All too often you will see a “contact us” CTA or a similar bottom of the funnel CTA at the end of a blog article which has little to no appeal for a content consumer and in some cases may appear overly promotional and sometimes even off-putting. Your goal should be to have a CTA that is relevant to the specific blog post/topic and has the promise of providing the content consumer with additional useful information. The best performing CTAs are ones that continue to educate your readers.

After all the readers are most likely on your blog to learn more about how to solve a problem, fulfill a need or shine additional insight and perspective into a topic of interest or debate, not to buy your goods or services.

I have created a list of eight call to action reminders for your blog that will help you develop a new CTA for a specific blog post or a group of blog posts focused on a single topic.

Let us know what you think about this approach to receiving/sharing content. Although you are unable to catpture lead information from a Paywithatweet (PWaT) CTA button, we believe it's a great way to build social buzz and sharing around your content.

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