Using Data to Strengthen Your Marketing Muscles

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Data allows you to build reports, and understand what elements of your marketingmarketing skills strategies should be washed, rinsed and repeated.  Data can also help you strengthen the core skills needed to be a rock start marketer for your business.

1. Be a Better Blogger:

With Keyword Grader Data… Use Keyword Data to help you come up with ideas for new blog articles. If there are terms that are important to your business and you are NOT getting visits for them – do something about it. Write some targeted articles around those terms to help improve your chance of getting found.

With Social Media Data… LISTEN to the data in your Social Media feed. What are the questions people are asking in LinkedIn? What are the conversations happening on blogs and on twitter? You this tool to send interesting ideas directly to your blog as drafts and create a “brain storm bucket” to work from.

2. Be a Better Converter:

With Prospects Data… Use the Prospects tool to "Go fishing" for leads.  If you see visitors from a prospect company repeatedly going to particular pages but not turning into leads, you can proactively reach out to them, and you can also use this to make your offers better. What are they looking at? Are there clear calls to action on these pages? Think of a call to action that would appeal to those visitors based on they're interested in - you know what it is based on the pages they're visiting - then put that call to action on those pages.  With a targeted call to action in place you stand a much better chance of turning one of those prospects into a lead.

3. Be a Better Prioritizer:

With Blog Analytics Data…dive into your blog analytics to see your best performing blog articles. What topics start the most conversations? Better yet, what topics generate the most conversations, inbound links and overall page views? Use this to help generate your list of content topics in your blog. If there is a hot topic – capitalize on that information to come up with ideas and title starters to save as drafts. The beauty of drafts is that you don’t have to formulate a blog article right away – just save some brainstorming ideas, and based on the data in blog analytics, prioritize when you want to publish them.

With Visits by Page Data… With these pages of “fires to put out” in mind, to Page Grader to see where you can make SEO improvements Also, drill into the page itself to evaluate your CTAs.  Are you casting a wide net? Do they follow best practices? Are there highly viewed pages on your site without CTAs?

4. Be a Better Profiler:

With Lead Intelligence...There is so much good data in leads, that often gets overlooked. This is your chance to be like a private investigator, and learn as much as you can about your leads and customers. What are they looking at? Where are they spending the most time? Use this information to help you build your marketing personas. A persona is a profile or biography on a distinct market segment (e.g. customers, prospects) you plan to reach and influence. Information collected from lead intelligence will help you develop these personas, which will help you better understand who you are targeting with your marketing efforts.

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