Why Marketing Collaboration is so Important

Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



Every marketer must be talking with other people in different departments. If marketers aren't collaborating, then they will be out of touch with what sales needs, where the product is going, and how customers are enjoying their experience.

I recommend you create a weekly or bi-weekly meeting where you sit down with each group for 30 minutes to make sure you’re aware of what everyone else at the business is working on.

Things you should discuss in this meeting includes:

  • Lead quantity and quality
  • Progress towards short-term and long-term business goals
  • New product features or changes to current products
  • Upcoming marketing strategies or campaigns
  • Things that each team should be aware of
  • Ideas for future marketing strategies or campaigns

The brainstorming topic is one my favorites and it’s so important you have the discussion with other teams. Marketers sometimes fail to realize that the best idea for their next piece of content is sitting right next to them. Sales, customer service and product teams all have ideas for content and you need to know what they are.

Share all of your important data with the teams and explain what action you’re going to be taking because of the data. If each team is transparent then everyone will be more productive and there will be continuity throughout the business.

For example, maybe you’re not communicating a key product benefit and your product team was able to realize this at the meeting. They then proceeded to help you craft the message and gave you some ideas of content you can create to market the product benefit. None of this would have occurred if there wasn't collaboration.

Are you up to the challenge to start the revolution of having teams talk to one another? 

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